What we provide. provides training materials for caterers with a focus on food allergy training and food allergen management. We can provide training on the implementation of our food allergy management guide or audit your business to make sure that you are carrying out your allergen management responsibilities safely and we can provide materials to help you with that task.


  • If you want an introduction to the problems food allergens pose for the catering industry, you need-


allergy awareness:an introductory pack for food handlers

(DVD and student training cards) £8-00.


This DVD training film and assessment are aimed at food handlers – anybody preparing, selling or serving food to others. Whilst most customers avoiding particular food ingredients will be making a personal, ethical or lifestyle choice or be following dietary laws of their faith, some will become ill or even die if they eat the wrong thing. At least one person in 100 in the UK has a food allergy and one child in 50 is nut/peanut allergic. Symptoms are unpredictable but may become severe or even fatal.

It is therefore vital that all food handlers understand the risks and are able to provide accurate and up-to-date information about ingredients in foods on sale to customers who ask.

In addition, they need to understand and control as many allergy contamination risks as possible within their food business. If allergy risks cannot be controlled, it is essential that food handlers tell customers the truth and NEVER GUESS.

This training pack will alert your staff to food allergy and key risks, both from unrecognised ingredients and also from allergen contamination, and enable them to identify and control them.(This DVD does not include information on the Food Infromation regulation)


  • If you want information on dealing with food allergens as part of your food safety management system, including the new Food information regulation, you need-


 the Food  Allergy Management Guide. £39.99


The Food Allergy Management Guide is designed to help you, the food business operator manage key food allergens in your business and provide the customer with information when you have used those allergens as deliberate ingredients in “non pre-packed” foods which you sell. This requirement which is a major change to food safety management came into practice in the UK and Ireland on the 13th December 2014 through the implementation of the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (1169/2011/EU).

If you are a food business operator, including a caterer you are already required to apply food safety management procedures based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to your business. These procedures must be documented in a food safety management system and must identify and control hazards at critical points during food production.

Many businesses in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland use a food safety management system called, “safe catering- your guide to making food safely”, which has been provided by the food safety authorities in both jurisdictions. It focusses on physical, chemical and microbiological hazards, but it also introduces another hazard, food allergy.

This guide has been developed to build on the safe catering guidance. It will assist you in understanding and controlling food allergy hazards and will help you to comply with the allergy related sections of the new Food Information for Consumers Regulation by providing food allergic consumers with relevant information to help them make safe food choices.  With over 90 pages of information and 45 pages of photocopiable resources it's your complete food allergy management kit.

  • If you want training on how to implement the information found in the guide you need to arrange for me to conduct either a training or auditing session or both. 

         £ price determined by size of task.



Purchasing  materials or aranging training or an audit.

Contact me by email or telephone to discuss your requirements

I will email or write to you to confirm what allergyaudit will provide

Once payment is received, I will send the materials and/or arrange the training or auditing session.

Once auditing has taken place I will contact you by telephone  to give you a brief summary

A written report including any followup reccomendations will be provided within seven days.


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Dr.Ian Leitch CFCIEH

Principal auditor and owner.

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